Living Legacy

A Living Legacy

Preserve your family’s story in cinema quality.

Cherish, view, teach, and remember… from generations, for generations to come.

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Your Life Matters

Do you wish you could talk to your great-grandparents? Ask them where they came from? What life was like?

Do you wonder what parts of them live on in you, today?

A lifetime of knowledge. Cultures all over the world have used storytelling to protect, preserve, and pass on wisdom.

Your history. Read that again – your history. It is unique. It is different than anyone else’s. That history should be preserved and passed on.

Today’s technology makes it possible to take the stories, histories, memories, and wisdom of you and your loved ones

Capture it cinematically…

And preserve their voices forever.

Who will you show it to 20 or 30 years from now, and what do you want them to hear?

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Buy your cinematic Living Legacy film today

Your Living Legacy film will be a beautiful, 20- to 30-minute, professional, multi-camera interview. We will schedule a few hours to film at the subject’s home (or a preferred location, such as a park or church). The interviewer and videographer will professionally engage him or her in a storytelling session to bring a lively story to life.

The final product will be a documentary-style film about the individual, including B-roll of them engaging in their favorite activities, and old family photos. A product your family will cherish for generations.

Once you book a deposit, a producer will contact you within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday, not including holidays) to schedule a pre-interview and book a filming session.

The Power of Stories

Family History

You may know about your parents, but how much do you know about your grandparents and great-grandparents? Did your loved one know them? Hear the words of your late relatives live on today.


Yours and theirs! What do they remember about their childhood? What do they remember about yours? What part of them lives on through you, and will live on forever in cinema?

Life Lessons

Did they live through the Civil Rights Movement? The Cold War? Did their parents fight in World War II? Did they grow a business from scratch? Did they overcome bullies? Did they live off a family farm? Let your children and grandchildren learn from these lessons forever.

David Dubczak, Producer

The Producer’s Story

Both of my grandfathers were World War II veterans, and they both passed away when I was a child.

As I grew up, I developed an interest in World War II history. As I read and study, I often wish I could hear their perspectives.

As I walked through a park one day, I saw a multi-generation family getting portraits taken. I began to wonder – could that be done on video? Hey, I’m an experienced video producer – that’s the way I think!

This idea sat with me for a few months, until the concept for Living Legacies was born. As we like to say at Conjunction Media, “The Stars Aligned,” and we now offer you the opportunity to keep the memories and voices of your loved ones alive to pass on their lessons for generations to come.

Your Investment

Your $97 deposit is fully refundable at any time, and reserves you a spot in our filming lineup. After making your deposit, a producer will contact you within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday, not including holidays) to arrange a pre-interview and filming session.

Your total investment is $750 $499 (Cyber Week Special, ends December 3rd or when bookings fill up). The producer will arrange the balance of the payment with you when booking your session.

Questions? Book a call

Not ready to book a session or make a deposit, but want to talk about questions or possibilities with a producer? Send us a request and we’ll call or email you!

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