Conjunction Media

Your Stars Align!

In Astronomy, a conjunction is when the stars align. We named our business Conjunction Media because our goal is to make the stars align for you.

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Video Production

We specialize in (award-winning!) educational productions and corporate training, but our team can do anything!

Let our award-winning production team take care of your in-house video, social media campaigns, commercials, event videography, and more! 

Creative Thinking Workshops

Too many people and organizations believe the myth that there are “creative people” and “non-creative people.” That’s hurting your organization.

‚ÄčLet us help shatter that myth and unleash the talent of your workforce.

Creative Thinking Coaching

Individuals, teams, and executives who want to invigorate their thinking and activate their “Genius Modes” long-term can participate in regular coaching. Over time, re-train your brain to think like the best creatives – the Walt Disneys, Einsteins, Musks, and all the greatest innovators.

What People Say

David and Conjunction Media are everything you could ever want in a media professional. He is working with the West Des Moines Historical Society, recording and editing a public lecture series, and we have been thrilled with the end product! David is professional, attentive to detail, and so creative. He created an opening for each video that is artful, attention grabbing and draws viewers in. He has proven that he understands the limitations in working with a non-profit and I feel incredibly lucky to be working with him.

Gale B, West Des Moines Historical Society

Dave taught an excellent class on the creative process and showed us specific steps and strategies for helping draw out the creative thinking from our students. Due to the socially-distant nature of 2020, Dave taught this class virtually, and he included many small group activities where every voice was heard. This was an active learning class. Each activity built up our understanding of the creative process.

Kendi, Workshop Participant