Awards and Accolades

ABCs of Self-Care

Award of Achievement – Corporate Training
​Iowa Motion Picture Awards 2021

A series of training videos for Renee Schulte Consulting, for mental health professionals.

Tales from Iowa History

Award of Achievement – Educational Production
​Iowa Motion Picture Awards 2021

A series of educational videos meant for history classrooms, produced with the West Des Moines Historical Society.

Learning With Failure

Award of Achievement – Educational Production
​Iowa Motion Picture Awards 2019

Did you know you might learn better if you fail first?

A teaching method devised by David Dubczak, M.Ed that increases student learning and problem solving skills by guiding students toward failure before guiding them to success.

Delusions of Power

Finalist – Screencraft Stage Play Competition, 2019

Award of Achievement – Iowa Motion Picture Association 2020

A stage play, written and directed by David Dubczak. 

Delusions of Power premiered in November, 2019, with Carousel Theatre of Indianola. Conjunction Media helped manage this production.

​A popular president faces her first real challenge: a case of accidental hallucinogenic drug use by the vice president while the president is undergoing surgery. Pandemonium breaks out while the White House staff tries to cover for a delusional vice president in the midst of unexpected domestic and international crises. Will the White House cover this up, tell the truth, or do something else?

Learning with Failure Presentation

Featured Presenter at the Nebraska Educational Technology Association Fall Conference, 2019

​Conjunction Media founder David Dubczak delivers his breakout session on the importance of failure in education, and how to teach in a way that incorporates failure.

West Side Story: The Inside Story

Semi-Finalist: Festigious International Film Festival, Los Angeles 2019

A Conjunction Media producer embeds himself in the production of Indianola High School’s 2018 production of the iconic musical, West Side Story.

Watch as the student cast and crew scramble to put on one of the most difficult and technically complex shows they have ever produced. Will they be ready by showtime?