Educational Video Survey

Video Engagement Survey
Video Engagement 2-Minute Survey
Thank you for participating! As we work to refine our programs and services, it's helpful to know how museums and educational institutions use video content. Even if you're not our client, we want to lead the way for everyone. Thank you.

Organization Name
(Purely optional. Helps us do some categorization and makes your survey shorter)

What kind of educational video content do you have produced for your organization? (check all that apply)

If you have content for off-site audiences, do you develop supplementary educational materials?

Examples may include pre- or post-visit lesson plans, project supplies to work side-by-side with the videos, or in-depth reading material, etc. 

What best describes your relationship with your video producer?

When you have an idea, what happens next?

This isn't a sales survey, but would you be interested in working with Conjunction Media on an educational video project or series for your organization?

If you responded "yes" above, provide your name and email.